CHC Services

CHC Construction provides a wide array of commercial and industrial construction services to the private and public sectors. With years of experience, we are highly committed to delivering varied, complex projects. We have developed a reputable portfolio within this area of construction and have a proficiency in meeting the needs of our clients and their premises.

CHC Services

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Working on a wide range of commercial and industrial projects in Essex and the South-East, including mixed-use developments, single large buildings and small retail estates, we are proud to have worked with many local businesses. We deliver high-quality building services for our clients which are diligently planned and executed at both the pre-construction and construction stages.

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We strongly believe that the client comes first and to ensure this, we provide an unrivalled standard of customer service. If you are interested in our commercial and industrial construction services, please get in touch with us today for more information.

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How Long Will My Commercial Project Take?

Each commercial construction project we take on is unique, and the duration depends on many factors, including the scope and size of the job. Before construction commences, we will put together a schedule that details each step of your project so you can keep track on how things are progressing throughout each stage.

Can I View Some Of Your Previous Construction Projects?

Yes. We do this with the majority of prospective clients. We encourage everyone who's interested in our commercial and industrial service to take a look at our ever-growing portfolio. Not only will you be able to see our industry-leading workmanship, but it may also inspire you with your own project.

Can You Help Refurbish an Existing Commercial Property?

Yes, of course. We can sit down with you so you can tell us your requirements and then we can explain the steps and procedures for refurbishing your commercial property. We can take your requirements from an idea to a turnkey finished project.

What Sets You Apart From Other Construction Companies?

CHC Construction's reputation is built on our years of experience and the number of happy clients we have on our ever-expanding portfolio. This, coupled with our professionalism and attention to detail before, during, and after construction projects are completed, is an unmatched combination.

Can You Work on Projects of All Sizes?

At CHC Construction, we can handle any size construction project. Whether you require us to build a small retail site or a fully furnished office block for your business, we can manage your project from start to finish.

Do You Offer Commercial Property Maintenance?

Yes, we do. We can build your commercial premises and then provide a maintenance service. With our experienced team of property maintenance services, we can take on jobs of all sizes and descriptions.