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If you’re looking for a way to increase the size of your home in a reliable and convenient way, a house extension is the way to go. It can add a lot more space to your property, and one of the best ways to perform one is simply by extending your home to the rear, as you probably have some additional or unused space in your garden.

At CHC Construction, we offer one of the most reputable extension services available in Essex. We’re an expert team with years of experience as well as access to some of the most advanced equipment in our field, meaning we can offer you a house extension service like no other.

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We have a strong track record in transforming tired extensions into vibrant new spaces that our clients and their families can continue to enjoy, whilst navigating challenges that can sometimes be encountered on route.

We pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs, personal preferences and vision for their homes and are unrelenting in our pursuit of achieving the highest standards and quality in extension refurbishments across Essex.

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We strongly believe that the client comes first and to ensure this, we provide an unrivalled standard of service. If you are interested in our extensions and refurbishment service, please get in touch with us today for more information.

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How Long Does it Take to Build an Extension?

This all depends on what work is involved and at what scale. When providing you with a quote, we will provide you with an indication of how long your project is likely to take and how soon we will be able to start the work.

Do I Need to Get Involved With Managing a Project?

You don't need to get involved with managing your extension or refurbishment project. However, our highly experienced project managers are happy to work closely with you or independently subject to your personal preferences.

Will I Need to Move Out During an Extension Build?

It's usually possible to remain living in your home, especially if your extension build is confined to a single area. Before we start work, we can help you formulate a plan around how we can keep the work elements out and the rest of your home free from dust.

Will My Property's Build Specification Be Maintained?

Yes, our team will always carry out work that complies with the build standard of your property. For example, if we are carrying out work on a BS 3632:2015 home, any refurbishment work will comply with the BS 3632: 2015 specification. If a property is built to an earlier British standard, then we will always ensure that any work we do exceeds that standard

Will I Need Planning Permission?

Depending on your requirements and the work that is going to be carried out, you might require planning permission, especially if your house is of listed status or located within a conservation area. There are several consent checks that need to be considered before work can start, including, planning permission, listed building consent or building regulations approval.

Do I Need to Inform My Insurance Provider About An Extension?

Yes, you will certainly need to inform them about a planned extension project. It's very important to keep your insurance provider updated as your home cover policy could become invalidated if they are not made aware of any structural changes to your property.

Recent Work

Over the years, we have worked on many projects that we are truly proud of. Please click here to view some of our recently completely work.

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