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Through effective project management, we can control and deliver construction projects on time and to budget minimising risk whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and exceeding our client’s expectations.

To ensure the successful delivery of your project, we will provide a tailor-made response to your requirements, controlling and managing all the process from design, pre-construction to completion. We offer our project management services to the residential, commercial, industrial and education sectors.

CHC Services

Our Approach

Our professional and inclusive project management style promotes effective working relationships between all parties involved in a construction project. We believe that refining our approach and project management techniques is an on-going iterative process. We continually build on our expertise and incorporate our developing techniques and refinements into future projects.

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We strongly believe that the client comes first and to ensure this, we provide an unrivalled standard of customer service. If you are interested in our project management services, please get in touch with us today for more information.

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Do You Work to Timescales and Deadlines?

Yes. Our team always set targets and deadlines to ensure you are aware of what will be achieved and by what date. If you need us to finish your project by a certain time and date, then please let us know, and if it is achievable, we will do everything we can to meet your requirements.

Will You Keep Me Updated Whilst Work is Taking Place?

At CHC Construction, we believe that transparent communication is key to any project. We like to organise regular meetings with our clients whilst work is taking place to make sure they are happy with the progress we make. This allows us to inform them of the next stages of work and any issues we have faced.

Do You Take an Agile Approach To Managing Projects?

Yes. Using an agile approach to our project management methods involves an iterative approach so that the work we carry out is completed and reviewed in stages before subsequent ones are started. By taking an agile approach allows us to evaluate information from each stage that can be used to determine how the next stage should be handled and what it will involve.

Why Is Project Management Needed for Construction Projects?

All construction projects have many moving pieces that need to be managed. Project management helps the smooth running of projects including planning, executing, monitoring, control and completion. Additionally, it's critical to maintaining good working relationships with clients throughout their projects.

Will My Project Have a Designated Project Manager?

Yes. Each construction project that we manage has a designated project manager that our clients use as a first point of contact. It is their role to oversee the smooth running of each project and manage the teams that are involved.

Will You Take Me Through Your Plan Before Work Starts?

Absolutely. Once we have met with you to understand your project, our team will go away to devise a robust plan of action. Once your project management plan is ready, we will go through it with you in detail, so you understand what will be involved and what timescales we plan on working to.